• Security turnstiles

    Security turnstiles

    SAELA has more than 20 years expertise in serial manufacture of access control products. The high reliability of SAELA turnstiles have been proven at hundreds installations in 3 countries across the world. SAELA pays special attention to the efficient operation of the products sold.
    Installed standalone, SAELA swing gates and turnstiles provide a basic access control solution operated with remote control. Integrated with access control systems and credit system, these high quality entrance control products can provide a level of security to meet even the most exacting requirements.
    To form passageways of any required configurations and make an entrance design complete, SAELA turnstiles and gates can be installed together with matching railings of different types. Thanks to the low power demand, the turnstiles are supplied with safe operating voltage.

  • T102

    Turnstile gate Saela T102

    SAELA T102 Turnstile Gate:

    Turnstile gates provide effective means for pedestrian flow control at entrances of production facilities, administrative buildings, company offices, schools, university campuses, stadiums, leisure and fitness facilities, amusement parks and zoos, shopping outlets. SAELA manufactures a wide range of turnstiles , gates and railings to meet various requirements to design, size and level of security.

    Features & Benefits:

    With its compact design the T102 can be applied at entrance points of various configurations. The T102 can be operated from the remote control panel included in a standard delivery set or a wireless remote control (optionally) and can be easily integrated into most access control systems. As the turnstile can be preset to operate in either pulse or potential control mode, it ensures compatibility with virtually any access control system. An operating mode for locking or opening the turnstile can be independently set for each passage direction. The turnstile comes with built-in optical arm rotation sensors to ensure accurate registration of each passage through the turnstile as well as the passage direction. The Saela T102 turnstile is designed with the control logic board installed inside the turnstile housing.
    Operating modes of SAELA T102 turnstiles:
    Single passage in one direction;
    Free passage in one direction;
    Single passage in each direction;
    Free passage in both directions;
    Always locked (closed for entry and exit);
    The operating modes are set with the remote control panel or by a command from access control system.

    Optionally the following devices can be connected to SAELA T102 turnstiles:

    Any Access Control Device;
    remote Controller;
    Emergency Controller;
    Card Reader;
    remote Controller;
    wireless remote (WiFi) control;
    If required, the turnstiles can be completed with matching railings.

    T102 Clip:

    Product Properties:

    Title Details
    Model SAELA T102
    Type Three Roller Gates
    Control Mode Semi-Automatic
    Communication Interface RS232, TCP/IP, Ethernet
    Length 430 mm
    Width 320 mm
    Height 955 mm
    Housing Material Stainless Steel 304
    Arms Material Stainless Steel 304
    The Length of Arm 500 mm
    Input Voltage AC 110∼220 v
    Operation Voltage DC 24v
    Power Consumption(Static) 15w
    Operation Temperature 1∼60 Centigrade
    Flow Rate 30 Passage/Minute
    Working Environments Indoor

    Technical Plan:

    Technical Plan Gate

    Support and Warranty:


    All products of SAELA Industrial Group have 2 years warranty.

    2 year warranty



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