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    Arian Co (Saela Electronic)

    Saela Electronic is the biggest company in the Middle East. We produce access controls gates and security solution.

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  • Security turnstiles

    Security turnstiles

    SAELA has more than 16 years expertise in serial manufacture of access control products. The high reliability of SAELA turnstiles have been proven at hundreds installations in 3 countries across the world. SAELA pays special attention to the efficient operation of the products sold.
    Installed standalone, SAELA swing gates and turnstiles provide a basic access control solution operated with remote control. Integrated with access control systems and credit system, these high quality entrance control products can provide a level of security to meet even the most exacting requirements.
    To form passageways of any required configurations and make an entrance design complete, SAELA turnstiles and gates can be installed together with matching railings of different types. Thanks to the low power demand, the turnstiles are supplied with safe operating voltage.

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