Turnstile gate Saela T107

SAELA T107 Turnstile Gate:

Saela T107 turnstile gate is a universal type of tripod turnstile that can be used in broad-spectrum of applications and environments. Modern design, safe and effective operating in combination with high-quality constructive processing are the main features that make Saela turnstile necessary part of access control systems and persons identification. Turnstile gate is made by the most modern technology.

Saela T107 turnstile gate motorised version is characteristic by its high comfortable, reliable and maintenance-free running:

Features & Benefits:

effective blocking system in combination with motor-driven unit
automatically adapts the turning speed to the users
Silent and fluent running
possibility to set smooth final phase of rotation

Product Properties:

Title Details
Model SAELA T107
Type Three Roller Gates
Control Mode Full Automatic
Communication Interface RS232, TCP/IP, Ethernet
Length 1340 mm
Width 250 mm
Height 980 mm
Housing Material Stainless Steel 304
Arms Material Stainless Steel 304
The Length of Arm 500 mm
Input Voltage
AC 110∼220 v
Operation Voltage DC 24v
Power Consumption(Static) 15 w
Power Consumption(Dynamic) 120 w
Operation Temperature 1∼60 Centigrade
Flow Rate <= 25 Passage/Minute
Working Environments Indoor

Technical Plan:

Technical Plan Gate

Support and Warranty:

All products of SAELA Industrial Group have 2 years warranty.

2 year warranty



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