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Flap gate Saela F400

Flap Gate SAELA F400

This kind of flap gate is for the high-end commercial access control system, which need the customers or visitors have the legitimate credential to pass through , generally used in office buildings, private villas and some public places. F400 is a kind of high quality and high level product with completely independent property rights. The equipment can be used together with the control equipments, such as entrance guard, time attendance, and computer etc., to realize the high quality management control for entrance and exit.

Product Properties:

Title Details
Model SAELA F400
Type Flap Gate
Control Mode Automatic
Communication Interface RS232, TCP/IP, Ethernet
Length 1450 mm
Width 250mm+600mm+250mm=1100mm
Height 1006 mm
Housing Material Stainless Steel 304
Arms Material Plexi Glass
The Length of Any Arm 275 mm
Input Voltage AC 110∼220 v
Operation Voltage DC 24v
Power(Running) 160 w
Operation Temperature 1∼60 Centigrade
Flow Rate <= 20 Passage/Minute
Working Environments Indoor

Technical Plan:

Technical Plan Gate

Support and Warranty:

All products of SAELA Industrial Group have 2 years warranty.

2 year warranty



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