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SAELA is a leading Iranian manufacturer of security systems and equipment

SAELA in brief:

16 years expertise in the security market
export to 3 countries worldwide
over 5, 000 sq. m of production space
over 20-strong team of qualified professionals
sales network of over 25 companies worldwide
Client Services, Marketing and Advertising, Research and Development Departments located in Tehran
modern manufacturing plant in Sofian (Rafsanjani Industrial Estate)
Technical Support , Research and Development Departments located in Tabriz,
SAELA quality management system is compliant with the ISO 9001

Main product lines:

Turnstiles ,gates and railing systems
IP-based entrance control systems
Access control systems
Research and Development
SAELA products are in-house designed. The R&D Division includes Design, H/W and S/W departments.
All new production is subjected to endurance and environmental tests, as well as tested for electrical and fire safety and electromagnetic compatibility.


SAELA today is state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities equipped with sophisticated high-tech machinery:
CNC laser cutting machine by Bystronic, Swiss
bending presses machine by Khavaran, Iran
Spot welding machine by Shamsno, Iran
CO2 welding machine by Shamsno, Iran
Argon welding machine by Shamsno, Iran
Aluminum cutting machine By Milwaukee

The multilevel quality management system ensures thorough control through all the production stages and pre-sales service. All SAELA products are certified for compliance with applicable Russian and European CE standards.


SAELA is very particular about effective performance of its products.
true to its customer-oriented strategy, SAELA always honours the warranty and post-warranty obligations throughout the product life time
Technical Support Department provides the customer with after-sales service, warranty repair and comprehensive technical advice in English and Persian

Access Control Gate
Access Control Gate

Access Control Gate
Access Control Gate
Access Control Gate

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+982188101650/ +982188101653/ +982188101654